We Are Solutions

Systems Management Institute enables people and organizations to solve problems rapidly.  We understand your problems because we have solved them before.  We know what it is like to start from scratch, not knowing where to turn or who to ask for assistance. Consultants are expensive and can’t always do the job. We became successful by cleaning up the messes made by the consultants who were hired to solve the problems their clients couldn’t solve.  We were the prototypical “Have Gun Will Travel” company of the problem solving world. It was very hard work, highly visible, truly demanding, extremely challenging and always had a lot riding on the outcome. Failure was never an option. You can be sure that we learned a lot about problem-solving over the years.


Our Applied Intuitive Solutions™ (AIS™) are perfect for individuals, organizations, and even entire enterprises. We fully recognize the problems you face and understand how you can solve them. We are masters of the problem-solving process. In fact we have changed how the world solves problems by eliminating the problem-solution gap. We own the International Standard that defines this process. We harnessed the power of emerging technologies to derive the solutions that are most appropriate to your specific challenge. When you think of Systems Management Institute, think of knowledge, experience, expertise, and technology. When you access our AIS™ Platform, you can solve your problems today. It took Dr. Newkirk 50 years to make this capability possible.

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