Successful companies excel at managing their Critical Success Factors (CSFs).  These provide unique leverage to deliver deep customer value.  Our CSFs are the building blocks of exceptional performance.  We derived our CSFs from the delivery of Exceptional Performance in soft-skills mastery, Virtual-Learning inn ovation, and Knowledge Management.  We build competence by providing continuous access to real-world models, well thought-out learning plans, abundant information-on-demand, workplace authentic content, relevant scenarios & stories, integrated work tasks, and virtual mobile delivery.  Our CSFs ensure that clients gain improved employee performance and heightened workplace productivity.  Our CSFs include:


  • Relevant Good Content:  Correct, appropriate to the audience, appropriate to the purpose, timely, and enduring. 


  • Authentic Learning: Content reflects the real workplace.  Learners identify with the content of each course and believe that it is an accurate reflection of their workplace.


  • Substance Over Form:  We provide course substance and employ multimedia only where it improves knowledge transfer.


  • Insightful Flexibility in Fitting All Learners:  We offer a large range of content to assist each learner  at every level in the company, operational, tactical, and strategic.


  • Learner Friendly Technology that Eliminates the Technological Barrier:  We provide the technology framework; you use the environment you have.


  • Enduring after First Use: You can apply the content immediately in the workplace and for years to come.


  • Reinforced Learning through Workplace Application, Follow-up Coaching and Review, Knowledge Management, and Team Building:  We offer a learning process with many opportunities for intensive personal coaching, if and when desired.


  • Encourages Management and Professional Support: Our programs develop professional relationships in the workplace to improve performance.


  • Reduces Conflict of Culture: Our programs increase cultural awareness and sensitivity.


  • Interesting and Relevant to the Workplace: Our programs are authentic and originate in actual workplace application.


  • Includes Principles of Mindful Learning to Avoid Being Shovelware:  We designed our programs to enhance intellectual skills using Internet delivery.

  • Meets Workplace Relevant Objectives:  Our learning programs make sense and motivate learners.  They are performance oriented and include the why, what, how of using the content to improve workplace performance and obtain personal benefits.  Our programs offer practical models of implementation.

  • Keeping Everything Simple:   We intend to remove as much complexity as possible in the V-Learning environment.  We will simplify the business process wherever possible and acknowledge the feedback of clients and learners.

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