SMI History

In 1983, Dr. Raymond Newkirk left his leadership position with Dr. Newkirk & Associates, a transdisciplinary consulting firm, to lead a significant ADP Department Implementation Program for the Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in cooperation with the US Navy and U.S. Department of State. He developed the initial Five Year Information Technology Road Map for the RSNF and Management Development and Training Program for the Commander of RSNF Naval Supply Center Operations. He also led the implementation of Naval Supply Center (NSC) Computer Operations and Applications Development.

Establishing the International Association of Information Management (I-AIM) in 1986, Dr. Newkirk delivered the Preliminary Design of an integrated Human Resources Information System (HRIS) for the new airports project for the Minister of Defense and Aviation (MODA), KSA.  Subsequently, Dr. Newkirk delivered the Preliminary Information Systems Design of an Automated Logistics Systems (AWS) for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in Manila and collaborated on the development of the National Information Systems Five Year Strategic Plan.

Prior to his mission in Saudi Arabia, he enjoyed a diverse career in technical and management capacities with General Motors, Harris Computer Systems Division, Systems Engineering Labs, School Board of Broward County, and Holy Cross Hospital. It was during this time that Dr. Newkirk turned his attention to the challenge of problem-solving. He learned that problem-solving was both an art and a science consisting of a six to eight stage process.  He realized that the accepted approach to problem solving was a terrible waste of time, opportunity, and money. For the most part, problem-solving occurred as an anti-competitive process that was often ineffective.  No matter where Dr. Newkirk went, it was always the same: How a company approached problem-solving had a lot to say about how successfully the company positioned itself in the marketplace. The better problem-solvers were indeed the better competitors.  It became obvious: Potent problem-solving is indeed a competitive advantage. He discovered a glaring paradox and asked the obvious but perennially unasked question:  Why do so few organizations do anything about this?

Dr. Newkirk became convinced that not only every company, but indeed every individual, deserves a more potent problem-solving process, one that is more effective as well as more efficient. From 1972 until today, he has made it his mission to close the gap between problems and their solutions by reducing the problem-solving process from six or eight stages to one.

So in 1988, I-AIM became Systems Management Institute (SMI) and continued to assist companies as Dr. Newkirk continued his mission to change how the world solves problems. During this period, SMI assisted San Francisco, CA with the implementation of a Billing Systems for the Water Department and Tucson, AZ with the delivery of a Project Management methodology. Next, Disney needed a Change Management Program and Pacific Bell required Quality Assurance assistance for its Customer Records Information System. Other companies that engaged our services included Mindmaker Incorporated, Con Agra, Raytheon, Matson Navigation, Specialty Brands, Sola Optical, P.Q Information Group, the Netherlands, Flashpoint Computers, the Doctors Company, and Teradata.

Security Pacific Bank engaged SMI to assist with its Operational Evaluation of its Real Time Processing System (RTPS) Information Systems strategic effort.  This project is especially noteworthy for being the largest Operational Evaluation in US Business History. Its success introduced the first ever On-Demand, real-time, virtual banking capability to the world (CORE Banking) and established a new banking paradigm. While other banks had failed in this effort, our project succeeded. As a result, Bank of America purchased Security Pacific Bank to gain this technology.

About this time, Dell Computers also engaged SMI to assist with their Master Transfer Project to outsource Dell’s Logistical Operations, reduce the cost of warehouses around the globe, and offer new delivery capabilities and customer service options. This project significantly contributed to Dell’s impressive rise on the Stock Exchange during this period as revenues and profits grew significantly over the next several years. Each project contributed to the development of Dr. Newkirk’s vision to change how the world solves problems.


Mindmaker Incorporated, a noteworthy A/I Start-Up, engaged Dr. Newkirk as the COO to assist with strategic management and business planning. Mindmaker Incorporated was a leader in Neural Network Design, Artificial Intelligence, and Speech Synthesis. The company won “Best of Comdex” two years consecutively when Comdex was “The” Event of the Year in anything to do with computers and related technologies.

However, as sometimes happens in economic matters, the economic collapse of 2008 changed the business trajectory and fortunes of companies in Silicon Valley. Many businesses collapsed or downsized and people lost their jobs, and their homes.  It was a time for Systems Management Institute to pave a new path and refresh its vision for the future. It was time to make the Applied Intuitive Solution™ Platform a reality. It was time to change how the world solves problems.

Now, after 45+ years, the powerful technology required to make his dream a reality had emerged. With the introduction of his Applied Intuitive Solutions™ Platform, Dr. Newkirk finally succeeded in closing the gap between problems and their solutions. The 22nd Century has come early for the clients of Systems Management Institute. Now SMI would re-brand itself as a rapid problem-solving company using it mastery of problem-solving to change the professions of Consulting, Coaching, Training & Development, and Education.

Now SMI set out to offer a globally potent problem-solving Platform that reduces the costs and enhances the competitiveness of problem-solving for organizations and individuals everywhere. Systems Management Institute emerged from Dr. Newkirk’s 50 year mission to assist organizations and individuals with closing the problem-solution gap by delivering a radically new problem solving Platform that reduces problem-solving from an eight stage to a single stage process.  SMI has indeed introduced a new paradigm to the world that accelerates Business Value Realization by changing how the world solves problems. This vision is what drives the people of Systems Management Institute every day to do at least a little better than we did the day before.

Copyright © June 26, 2019 Raymond L. Newkirk 

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