SMI Focus

SMI is Dedicated to the

New Problem-Solving Paradigm.

  • Affordable & Intelligent Problem-Solving: Everyone deserves their own Problem-Solving Platform without the burden of “sticker Shock”.​​


  • Comfortable Problem-Solving: Everyone deserves a potent, intelligent, and virtual problem-solving assistant that naturally responds to the capacity and skill level of each client to use.

  • Responsive Client Service: Everyone deserves responsive, appropriate, and effective customer service without undue delay.

  • Global Rapid Problem-Solving: Everyone deserves access to their AIS™ assistant whenever and wherever they travel to leverage problem-solving to enhance competitiveness.

  • AIS™ Platform Members: Everyone deserves access to the AIS™ Platform virtually to generate solutions whenever they need them. We take pride in assisting both new and expert problem-solvers in finding more effective solutions more rapidly.

  • Co-Creation in Problem-Solving: Every person deserves the opportunity to solve problems virtually with the assistance of intelligent technology that enables clients to co-create solutions whenever possible.

  • Fun with Problem-Solving: Everyone deserves access to tools and techniques that transform problem-solving into an enjoyable hobby that enriches the client’s quality of life while building their skills.

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