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Welcome to our Virtual Research Centre.  Here you will find a wide range of project documentation to assist you with navigating through many of your most perplexing challenges. Our Research Centre stores an expansive repository of content derived from actual consulting deliverables from around the world spanning more than 80 industries and 25 academic disciplines.  Our content offers evidence-based and brief but potent documents that make Case-Based Learning practical.  We built our Virtual Research Center from more than five decades of research and practice.   We validate the content by deriving it from successful experience in enterprise setting. 

Using the documents stored in our Virtual Research Centre, you can gain control of many of the relationship challenges that define your teams, work-groups, and organizations.  Our Repository emerged over the last 50 years from countless hours of dedicated effort resolving these kinds of problems for clients from every corner of the world delivering projects in every kind of company imaginable, whether large or small.

Representative Industries 

Content of the Virtual Research Centre spans more than 80 industries including: 

Airlines * Auditing * Banking * City Government * Coaching * Commercial Real Estate * Computers  * Construction * Consulting * Defense * Education   Electronic-Commerce * Electronics * Entertainment * Foods Financial Services Government * Healthcare * Home Building * Hospital Administration * Hospitality * Human Capital Development * Information Technology * Leadership Development * Logistics * Manufacturing * Non-Profit * Nursing * Publishing * Research & Development * Residential Real Estate * Retail * Roofing Technology * Transportation *  Seminars * Software Development * Sports & Fitness * Travel * Training * Weather Service

We ask you to pay a nominal fee for access and use of our Virtual Research Centre. Clients have paid considerably more for the use of our deliverables to implement critical strategic programs and resolve some of their most pressing challenges.  

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