The RFP emerges from a decision made today to improve the environment sometime in the future.  Management employs an RFP development approach to methodically clarify a problem situation and seek its resolution.  In the process of writing the RFP, management “applies sound reasoning backed by hard earned wisdom gained from broad experience reinforced by practical insight into the organization”. RFP development remains a daunting challenge.


The organization of the RFP is a design challenge which when resolved links RFP development with the management decision to award a contract.  Rather than relying on intuition in building the RFP, competent management employs design to navigate the many tarpits of hidden danger. The knowledge you gain here will assist you in writing your next RFP.  Although this ebook covers only a single aspect of RFP design inquiry, it will still improve the quality of your next RFP and enrich the quality of your participation in work life.

Designing the RFP Process

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