Generally, a strategy is a plan or series of moves intended to win a result.  In RFP development, a strategy is the team’s development plan of action for producing a winning proposal. More specifically, the strategy is the approach used by the RFP development team to obtain a proposal of an effective problem solution at an acceptable cost.  In using such a strategy, the RFP team designs an RFP which encourages vendors to respond with a unique selling proposition.


As far as I know, the job description of managers does not include reading minds.  A smart person, however, learns to be sensitive to the needs of those on whom they depend for their success.  I believe that it is a good practice to get to know a vendor personally prior to submitting an RFP.  I like to find out about the response team, how they evaluate RFPs, their constraints in delivery, and who will be the customer representative. 

Designing Strategies for Effective RFP Development

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