I believe in the competitive nature of ITIL proficiency. I have centered my entire problem-solving vision and mission on the desire to assist you in becoming more competent in whatever you do and overcome whatever challenges life brings your way. This series will increase your proficiency as an informed participant in the proposal process. It provides enough core information to satisfy your cognitive or intellectual appetite.


The architecture of design is worth learning.  It gives you the ability to actively shape your future rather than passively be shaped by it.  Competence in this ebook is essential for any job you will ever hold that has anything at all to do with transformation, change or moving from a current situation to a desired situation, whether designing a work team, developing an RFP, organizing a project team, designing an organization, or guiding the evolutionary unfolding of your own life.

Attaining Personal Proficiency in the ITIL Proposal Process

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  • This ebook is for your personal use. It is protected by copyright. You can use it on-the-job as a guide or to lead colleagues to ITIL proposal success.  You cannot copy the ebook or distribute to other people without written permision of the author.

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