Virtuous Dispositions Dissipate Disingenuous Dialogues

Dear People,

I just read another criticism in a long list of criticisms against the President because he wants to open up the country even though the country has tested only a little more than six million people. Interesting stuff comes from the pens of critics and political enemies.

Lack of testing does not cause resurgence of much in life, including viral pandemics. Testing does not cure the virus or minimize the virus. This is an unusual disease that will be with us until we have an authentic vaccine or treatment. Staying home will provide temporary protection for some people, but you have to get back to work sometime. When you do, you will face the disease one way or another. A vaccine will take 2 to 5 years. We just do not know for sure how much time yet. What we do know is this: 30% or people working from home cannot adjust to the separation from the workplace so easily. After about 40 days people become seriously restless. If you lock down for six months as some people recommend, the country will become unmanageable. In this event, many more people will begin to suffer from serious illnesses, suicide, gangsterisms of all kinds, and other social disruptions will spread.

The President, a mere human being like the rest of us, is between a rock and a hard-place, and so are we. No one knows “the best” path to take, no one. I do not know anyone who is smart enough to know the best of anything. The medical experts are taking educated guesses. Remember this: HEALTH CARE IS THE THIRD LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN THE USA ALREADY.

Think deeply about all of this. This is a medical, sociological, psychological, behavioral, commercial, methodological, historical, spiritual, political, military, and informational challenge unique in our lifetimes. We have to become extremely reflective people much more intelligent than we normally are. Many of us are still not where we need to be just yet to even hold an educated opinion about the mess we are experiencing. We are people in continuous emergence, persons in motion. True, we are what we are; but this is not enough. We have to become a truly wise, self-reflective people who offer positive plans for the future rather than typical criticisms from the past that dispense the common utterances of followers, not leaders, not problem-solvers. We need wise problem-solvers who exhibit gratitude and concern for everyone, including concern for the President. If he does not matter, neither do you. This is how the universe works: We gain our rights of personhood by recognizing the rights of the other, even those we do not like. Rights are universal, bias is particular. Detractors do not offer well thought-out, reasoned plans of action. They merely repeat the political arguments they hear everywhere, the arguments that offer criticisms rather than in-depth and reasoned paths forward.

If we cannot grow up now, when will we ever? Whatever you hear, whatever you feel, whatever action you advocate, remember this: You are involving the lives of millions of unique human beings. Before you offer your criticisms, first consider the expanse of the challenges, “ologies” and “isms” involved, and then tell us how to resolve this mess following what “YOU REALLY KNOW WILL WORK BASED ON YOUR EXPERIENCE SOLVING SUCH PROBLEMS IN THE PAST” because your cosmological wisdom knows the way out of this mess for all of us. Right? Finding holes in arguments and restating common criticisms remain forever insufficient to the needs of our brothers and sisters in this terrible mess. Your assistance is needed; your criticisms are not.

Currently, we are short on solutions, but long on criticisms. We need to reverse this rapidly. Then, when you help us out of this mess, please tell us what to do about the China Problem that will restore order in the world and raise the value of virtuous living that eliminates the need for inherent dishonesty and manipulation. Freedom flows from virtue.

This is my offer to you for a hopeful future: Open your mind, free your intellect, and govern your tongue. The atmosphere is already highly polluted. The “Green New Deal” reminds us of this. Right? So let us together refresh our environment by eliminating the criticisms that foul the air. Rather, let us search for the solutions that critics overlook because these solutions are so very difficult to design for such a very rare problem. The Future will thank you. And I will too.

I have my fingers crossed for you, not my temper.

My Very Best to You,

Raymond L. Newkirk, Psy.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Th.C., MA., M.S.

Futurist in Residence, Systems Management Institute

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