Morality: Simple Joy and the Art of Living a Fully Human Life

Eventually, this blog will discuss many issues from technology, business, and management, to ethics, morality, virtue, theology, and even some important stuff too. These discussions will challenge readers and ask questions without vendetta or vitriol. Everything discussed here will never be directly critical of any person, place, or thing. This series of blogs will simply discuss situations and events in a style that seeks deeper understanding. I encourage readers to reframe these discussions as an argument of deeper significance than commonly understood. The blog simply encourages readers to think deeper, differently, expansively, and more clearly about the issues they think they understand while connecting their hearts and minds more humanely during the process. This is the beginning of the potent process of becoming fully human.

I intend this blog to be a challenging, thoughtful, and entertaining experience for you, an important visitor to our environment. My goal here is to present the topics in a fresh way so that you can expand your mind, not blow your mind. My blog requires you to have your lights on. I do not like my visitors to be in the dark about things. I can only offer the opportunity to expand your capacities, you do the rest.

My Simple Joy blog will enable you to escape the dulling world of everyday life by reducing your emotional conflicts and sharpening your intellectual capacities. I designed this site to assist you in mastering the art of being fully human. Many people slide by you know. They do the dance; they weave in and out of situations, they attempt to charm life and become the smooth operators that people sing about in pop culture, and they deceive their followers and fans.

You see these people every day. They already think that they have it made, that they have just the right education to get them ahead in life. However, heads do roll and people sooner or later have to confront themselves. Ultimately when the conditions are just right, these people feel the unease of the question that everyone has already asked about themselves a thousand times plus a thousand: How human are they really?

In this current age, “The Age of the Fragmented Rationality” (my term), many people enjoy their lives without a thought to how much wisdom has evaporated over the last twenty to thirty years. A number of these people have little idea about how much of the substance of the truly human adventure of a full life they are missing out on. It is a terrible thing to be unaware of one’s capacities and skills and potentialities. It is likewise a terrible thing to be so consumed with so much stress for so long that the mind makes a wrong turn to get out of its own way.

True every age has its own advantages and disadvantages, but previous ages valued more highly the things that made human life really human, things like morality, ethics, virtue, and oh yes, the skill of really thinking, that is, thinking well below the surface of the merely social conventions of dominant political groups. Today people assume that they are human beings simply because their mothers and fathers probably were. Don’t laugh. It takes work to become truly human. A great number of people remain pre-human their entire lives.

I designed this site to assist visitors in reducing the unnecessary complexity of their lives. It does this in several ways. This site provides a:

  1. Virtual Research Center to assist in the recovery of the kind of lost knowledge that makes human life more potent.

  2. Safe environment in which people may positively express many different points-of-view without starting World War III.

  3. Virtual Environment to assist people with changing the direction of their lives if they so desire. Here, visitors can pause for a minute, take a break, and think about themselves in a newer, freer, and certainly more potent way by learning how to connect their hearts with their minds or their minds with their hearts, “substantial fragmentation” (my term) being the reality of many people today.

Visitors to can develop the skills and expertise necessary to gain better control over their professional and personal lives. They do this by learning how to eliminate the nagging problems that seem to never go away. Our site provides a range of brief but potent solutions, the Applied Intuitive Solutions™, to the most perplexing problems of everyday life on the job or in the dreaded social situations that demand mature insight and the mastery of special behavioral skills.

Simple Joy emerges from Simple Living. This means that you have to be simple (not dull), still alive, and humorous. Voltaire, a really interesting European, reminded us that one has to laugh at life to get through life. He also had to flee France for the safety of another country because the pre-human beings in France who controlled everything there did not laugh much at life, and certainly not at Voltaire. Undeterred, Voltaire thought it was great to be criticized by certain people because it meant that he was not like them. People are known more by their enemies than their friends. Voltaire must have laughed a lot in life, especially from other countries. Eventually, he died back in France a big theatrical success. He threw his last play into the fireplace because the critics loved it. Voltaire was very sad that day. Look at who liked his play, he lamented. He ended up being liked by his critics and thought it was a bad thing. At least he was fortunate enough to have some critics; they enabled him to find his true direction in life. Fully human persons need some standards to illuminate the darkness. In a strange kind of way, critics provide those standards.

A wise person loves his friends but values his critics more. Raymond L. Newkirk

Few people today appreciate their critics. Many of these people work in a very big building in a city named Washington, D.C. Their office is rent free. They have plenty of servants, think about as deep as a mud-puddle, and have encouraged many of their countrymen to leave the country so that these countrymen, like Voltaire, can laugh at life to get through life.

If you pay attention to how these people connect their hearts to their minds and their minds to their hearts, you would probably prefer them to sing songs. Their arguments would not pass a first year course in Introductory Logic (Philosophy 101) because the Supreme Court prefers legal arguments free from moral reasoning. This should be really easy for us because dogs, cats, kangaroos, and dinosaurs do this all the time, live a life entirely free from moral discrimination. Criminals, terrorists, and tax collectors really like this argument also because they prefer a life unconstrained by moral reasoning.

It is discriminatory and particularly aggressive to make a moral argument in front of the Supreme Court. The moral position of at least one Justice is that it is immoral to argue law from a position guided by morals. A moral argument is de facto evidence of discrimination. She has got that right. Although she has flunked Philosophy 101, she is nevertheless one of the nine members of the Supreme Court of the United States of America. For this reason, at least, the challenge to argue a case before the Supreme Court is a supreme challenge. For this judge, at least, one must suspend one’s personhood to argue the case.

Human personhood requires moral judgments. Moral judgements by definition are discriminatory judgments. For this Madam Justice, you can discriminate but only if you discriminate like she thinks you should, without being discriminatory. This logic is laughable. What a sense of humor. The lady Justice is kidding, right? The thinker, Voltaire, would love to laugh over this one. Living today would enable him to get through life much easier because there is a lot to laugh about.

How soon they forget: It is not the power of reason that makes human beings truly human; it is morality that saves us from the mere existence of brute life. Have we lost the courage to be a moral society by re-imaging morality as an artefact of religious history? People forget all so quickly that it is morality that makes a human being fully human and it is morality makes human freedom possible.

In fact, lacking morality we will fail miserably to control the technology that is quickly coming to master us all. Innovation and technology without morality is terror. We must be prepared because human beings left to themselves without the constraints of morality will do terrible things beyond imagination. After all, they are only playing with complex toys guided by the moral minds of young children. The emerging formula of modern progress: Innovation + technology – Morality = TERROR

Morality frees human beings to live a fully human life.

― Ray Newkirk ―

Think about it.

Ray Newkirk

Una vita e non basta.

A Fully Human Life Connects with Nature, enjoying it, never destroying it.

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