I think I've said it before: Life is Deja Vu!

Many years ago back in the 1970s, way before computers where Omnipresent, I began to wonder about how much "smart" technologies would transform people. Would the transformations be positive or negative?

I saw a time when computers would be everywhere and would be doing everything from surgery to space flight. Since people would generally become less smart because of technology's "dumbing-down" affect, which had already begun, like an on or off memory core, I saw that only two possibilities existed. Either people would become so tired of the complexities of the new technologies that they would eventually throw their arms up in disgust and shout "enough is enough"as they put a stop to it all, or people would become complacent, bow down and let the technologists rule the world.

So where are we today? Technology certainly offers the great hope of a better world for many people. No doubt about it. However, technology also makes it quite easy for end-users to become less potent people. Like a good bottle of wine, technology has the potential to bring out the best in a person. Or, it may unleash the worse imaginable behavior that fatally destroys the imbiber and his or her relationships. Some people are, after all, already addicted to their devices. Just try and take one away and you will appreciate what I mean.

My concern arises from my realization that human beings cherish the need to connect with one another on an interpersonal level where they can look each other in the eye, spend casual time together, and relate directly without intervening technologies. Bucking trends, our company has implemented a potent platform that enables people to move more intelligently from the computer to the colleague to get things done more rapidly. Our system prepares people to work together more successfully to resolve complex problems more rapidly by eliminating the gap between problems and their solutions so people can work together comfortably.

Perhaps we really are introducing a new paradigm of rapid problem solving? Cyber Security, Insider Threat Prevention, and Continuous Performance Management (CPM) all require an approach like this. Today, as never before, organizations face unbelievable challenges in protecting the integrity of workplace relationships. In CPM environments, for example, executives expect their "Managers as Coaches" to bring people together by sharing a common theme of trust to forge a more responsive workplace that delivers a positive human experience.

Deep Technology to Liberate Human Potential

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