Determining the Potential for Greatness - Part One

With the Right Attitude, Everyone becomes Super.

Good day world. Do you think the members of your team have what it takes to become top performers? Do you know how to separate the high potentials from the "also-rans"? Talk is cheap, not really. Many people talk the talk, but crawl. This is expensive. Do not permit yourself to be talked into a mistake. Avoid hiring the wrong person. Avoid

promoting the wrong person. Good will gone bad can be dangerous to your peace of mind.

Politics is politics, but performance is what it is all about in competitive business life. Great performance begins with a great attitude and culminates in great achievement. The problem is, however, you need to hire and promote the people who make truly great performance a reality.

"Attitude exceeds smarts in a do or die world."

Great performance begins with attitude. For the best performers, attitude counts. As Dr. Mark Brenner put it, “I can” is more powerful than “I.Q.” or “I Know”. As the framework for success, "I can" and "I do" are powerful affirmations of confidence. They ignite motivation and spark action. Unfortunately, cognitive horsepower or knowledge, the “IQ” and “I Know” of learning, often become counterproductive and may not advance an acceptable solution.

For the very best performers, a special synergy emerges from the right blend of knowledge, motivation, and history of performance. Top performers are driven to know in-depth what they are doing as they do more and more to achieve more and more. They are “purpose-driven”. They leverage their attitude to achieve.

If the person you wish to hire or promote is sufficiently motivated to accomplish something, that person will learn how to do it, and then do it well by not letting go until it is done very well. Top performers follow the core success ratio: the greater the motivation, the greater the expectation of success through disciplined action. The “I will do my best” of the unmotivated person becomes the “I will do it” of the motivated person.

Maximizing your commitment and determination to achieve your self-set goals, use every motivation and behavioral change technique you can focus, if necessary. But never quit! As a management professional, you are expected to become the best you can be to hire or promote the best person available for the job ahead. The latter follows from the former. If you are not a great performer yourself, you will not discern a great performer even when "good fortune" presents such a gift to you.

In becoming an effective manager or coaching specialist (those who teach other coaches, managers or leaders how to become successful coaches, managers or leaders), refine your active listening skills, ask appropriate diagnostic questions, monitor counter-transference, develop abundant patience, learn to think causally, become facilitators of change, and understand and address irrational behavior in oneself and others.

Effective managers and coaching professionals set deeper objectives of personal professionalism. Such people find deeper meaning in everything around themselves. They seek growth and self-actualization, achieve greater satisfaction and balance, heighten their self-esteem and nurture their feelings of mastery. Effective managers approach conflict as a positive experience and even as a transformative process. Above all, they engage in their own Motivation Design Process, or MDP.

Effective Managers make a difference in staff development, organization design, cultural transformation, and performance management. They groom people of high potential, identify reservoirs of people talent and channel this talent into and through career-tracking and success planning.

Effective Managers minimize mismatches between goals of individuals and companies, build an individual’s self-awareness through increased understanding of the individual’s own strengths and developmental weaknesses, create leaders everywhere in the organization, and train others to be effective mentors, coaches, and facilitators. Effective manager cannot help themselves. They behave consistently in thought and action.

The language of ineffective managers is Borderline Narcissistic.

It is about self-this and self-that!

Effective Managers enable others to become more proactive about self-development and self-actualization and pursue self-discovery as one of the motivational drivers for goal achievement. They enable others to have more control over their career development, build a partnership with employers, and find more varied and effective paths to personal satisfaction through work. They also understand how to capitalize on the critical stage of adult development and enable others to better manage change, take risks, handle ambiguity, show interpersonal finesse, collaborate, build business partnerships and lead teams to success.

Effective Managers support the emerging "Manager as Developer Model". Unlike the Heroic Manager Model which advocates a command and control chain of command, this Model advocates a style that empowers the individual and encourages intensive and collaborative interpersonal relationships. This emergent management style requires a response that opens new territory in design.

This is the first of a two part program. I designed this mini-series to expand your understanding of effective management behavior and professional coaching. This program clarifies the impacts of effective coaching on your success when hiring and promoting;the truly great performers in your midst. I designed this blog to provide an innovative framework for management action in building very high performance teams. This blog presents management coaching from the behavioral perspective as a dynamic process that unleashes management thinking to achieve team success at truly competitive levels.

Building upon the core competencies of mobilizing innovation and change, communicating well, managing self, and managing others and tasks, this miniseries takes management practice to the next level by providing insight into the selection or promotion of the truly great person.

Think about it.

Una vita e non basta!

Ray Newkirk

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