Insider Threart Prevention Cyber Security Series

Part 2:  Putting the Pieces Together 

Insider Threat Prevention Cyber Security is a Behavioral, Technical, Managerial, Psychological, and Governance, Risk Management, and Organization Architecture challenge. Part One of the series identifies the disciplines, components, ,perspectives, and strategies that security designers must master to design, implement, and maintain throughout the enterprise to deliver Insider Threat Prevention Cyber Security. Since about 30% of all malicious insider Cyber Attacks completely destroy their targets, proactive identification and prevention are essential.


The seriousness and consequences of Insider Attacks place an extreme burden on executives and managers to govern their organizations with a consistently high level of command, communications, control, and coordination. Such strict levels of control and governance pose a problem for an organization that are dedicated to organization models that value trust, openness, and employee self-direction as core Hallmarks of management thinking and team practice. Since Insider Attacks commonly occur by a senior-level and trusted employee with extended access to valuable proprietary information on computers and networks in the form of electronic knowledge, information, and data, Cyber Security people require solutions that enable them to identify human threats behaviorally, sociologically, psychologically prior to any threat action. Prevention is the key when establishing a robust Insider Threat Prevention Cyber Security Program. An insider attach that takes months to discover can be so dangerous that an enterprise may not survive.


While most Cyber Security strategies are engaged long after the attack has occurred, Insider Threat Prevention has to occur prior to any malicious Cyber Event is put into motion. Insider Threat Prevention Cyber Security is difficult because a Cyber Security Specialist has to resolve the threat before it has a chance to even get under way. This rarely happens because the plans of the malicious actors remain hidden until the attack has occurred. When this occurs, the damage has been done.


This Series of books (1) identifies the pieces of the Insider Threat Prevention Cyber Security puzzle, (2) presents these pieces in a coherent manner to form an appropriate and adequate Insider Threat Prevention Cyber Security Program methodology, and (3) defines and implements a range of appropriate enterprise-wide and technical strategies that generate the Applied Intuitive Solutions that resolve the insider threat. While part One of the Series describes the Insider Threat Prevention Cyber Security environment, Part Two examines the challenge of complex workplace relationships and the Human Relations Process Model that enables teams to master the Behavioral Side of Insider Threat Prevention Cyber Security. Part Two also examines the problem of sociopathology of the objectives and manipulative workplace relationships that generally produce malicious insider Cyber attacks that destroy organizations. The series also examines Spiritual Relationships in the workplace and their impact on teams and managers.

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