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Copyright © June 26, 2019 Raymond L. Newkirk 

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Meet Our Founder


Raymond L. Newkirk, Psy.D., Ph.D., Ph.D., Th.C.

Coaching & Consulting Specialist

My career has taken me across the Middle East, Asia, India, Europe, and the United States to assist clients through some of their most difficult challenges. Becoming one of those “B&B” people, my career started off in the “Basement” and worked its way up to the “Boardroom”.  My career spanned every environment imaginable, in every conceivable job, from computer operator to Chairman of the Board, and it spanned most business sectors.

Everyone from small business owners to Heads-of-State called upon me for assistance. Occasionally, the unexpected happened. Military coups interrupted my consulting engagements in Asia and the Caribbean and anti-American rebels heightened my discomfort in South-East Asia where I became worried about my safety.  You might say that Ray was there when everything was on the line, but somehow he found a way to get through it.


Clients have called upon me for assistance with Strategic Management, Information Technology, Business Transformation, Enterprise Design, Virtual Commerce, Human Activity Systems Design, Coaching Program Design, and for resolution of a wide range of other issues. Everyone wants to learn a better way to use Information Technology to empower strategic action.

My career has been fulfilling. Leadership assignments on a few of the most significant projects in U.S. business history refined my client relationship skills.  Engagements in Strategic Consulting deepened my understanding about the challenges of management execution.  Enterprise transition facilitation enabled me to clarify the nature of consulting and its differences with coaching and mentoring. Eventually, the interpersonal or coaching side of my career became the most enjoyable part of a continually changing vocation in which success frequently depended on my skill guiding clients to achieve exceptional performance. 

Client coaching became the most rewarding part of my professional life. In every engagement, I always found time to encourage clients to exceed their current capabilities. Interpersonal work naturally enhanced my professional skill.  Regardless of the scope of the consulting engagement, I found time to coach and mentor every client who sought my assistance.  Whether as a coach, consultant, or mentor, I very much enjoy assisting clients with achieving heightened success while building their careers.

As the Founder and CEO of Systems Management Institute, my assignments have delivered Continuous Performance Management transition initiatives. My research has produced a 300+ course Program with four certification levels to enable managers to master the critical coaching skills of Performance Coaching. My publications include the Global Standard that defines and regulates the practice of Performance Coaching throughout the world. Earlier, Dr. Gene Kerfoot invited me to join him as a Senior Fellow of the Monterey Bay Institute where we facilitated the transformation of executives who aspire to leadership roles in the digital enterprise.  Possessing the requisite management and leadership experience to inform coaching and consulting judgment, my publications form an entire library of e-books, e-courses, seminars, and  1,500 project deliverables to assist clients with developing their coaching skills.  Always seeking the ultimate in performance, my commitment to fitness motivated me to become a world class competitive athlete in Olympic-style Weightlifting and a Masters Olympic-style Weightlifting Champion. My record of success led to international ranking in Olympic-Style Weightlifting.  A few of my many records still stand today.  The Board of U.S.A. Weightlifting invited me to join them in managing the sport.

Graduating as a summa cum laude from the New York Institute of Technology, and energized by a love of learning, my academic accomplishments include Ph.Ds in Behavioral Science and the Philosophy of Science, Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, Ph.D. with Distinction in Human Science, and candidacy for the Th.D. in Theology. More personally, my pursuits included the study of philosophy as a Benedictine Monk in Italy and Theology as a Franciscan Friar in Washington D.C. My doctoral programs included research at the Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C., and a doctoral fellowship in the Philosophy of Science at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.  My work earned recognition as Outstanding Scholar of the Year at the Phi Theta Kappa National Honors Institute at Harvard University. 

I became a Fellow of the British Institute of Management in 1985 and attained C.Q.A. certification in 1986 and certification in Systems Management in 1989. In 1991, the Scientific Advisor of the National Academy of Sciences invited me to participate as a visiting Ambassador in Business Development and Technology Transfer to the Soviet Union.  I also participated in business development and scientific conferences in Cairo, Egypt, Oxford, England, and Brussels, Belgium.  In addition to presenting programs for the Systems Management Institute throughout Europe and the United States, I continue to speak widely through my publications in technical, business and management domains. 

As a person of deep social concern, I speak about the problems facing the elderly in these quickly changing times.  In the early 1980s, my efforts led to the opening of several health clinics and medical networks on the East Coast dedicated to ensuring the nutrition of the elderly.  For private and government agencies, I spoke throughout South Florida addressing the health, nutrition, preventive care, and plight of the elderly.  In California, I had special regard for the isolation of the elderly in nursing and retirement homes.

As interesting as my life has been, and I certainly thank God for it, all of my experiences combined do not necessarily make me a good coaching candidate for you. My love for Coaching and deep desire to facilitate the success of clients drives me to stretch the limits of the possible. I continually strive to master coaching and consulting skills to make life easier for clients.  You can reach me at (407) 864-7756.  I can assist you with refining your coaching skills and those of your management team.  Give me a call and discuss anything you like.

Summary of my highlights include:

  • Entrepreneur & Founder of Successful Companies

  • Global  career with increasing levels of responsibility to Board of Directors level

  • Diversified executive background in several business sectors

  • High level international government experience for multiple countries

  • Broad and in-depth success as consultant, coach, & mentor

  • Experience as senior product engineer

  • International seminar developer & motivational speaker

  • Advanced graduate level education earning Ph.D.s, & Psy.D.

  • Award winning author

  • Educator & developer of courseware

  • Former Benedictine Monk & Franciscan Friar

  • Competitive athlete with international ranking

  • Participant in the development of significant business and technology initiatives including:​

    • ITIL

    • Business Rules-Based Computing

    • Problem-Based Learning

    • Evidence-Based Solutions Generation

    • Efficient Consumer Response

    • Business Process Design

    • C.O.R.E. Banking

    • Applied Intuitive Solutions™

    • Performance-Based Coaching

    • Insider Threat Management

    • Virtual Learning

For executives at the pinnacle of decision making, I actively engage in transformative coaching and consulting.  My personal philosophy:


“Live life fully. Love deeply with wisdom.

Lead others to great achievement.

Grow spiritually and intellectually.

Honor others in all I do.”

Ray Newkirk