Leading by Design

Discover the great insight that forms powerful leadership-something that transforms imminent disaster into sure success. In this book, Dr. Raymond L. Newkirk shows you how Human Systems Design ignites the successful relationships all leaders depend upon to mobilize innovation and change.

Discover what your mentor failed to tell you. So you think you know how to lead others to achieve great success? Find out what the Leadership experts have kept to themselves. Dr. Raymond L. Newkirk  challenges you to master the defining questions of authentic Leadership.  Do you know that:


  1. Leadership teams are fragile Human Activity Systems?

  2. A continuum of Human Activity System types exists impacts Leadership style and may ensure the failure of all your noble Leadership efforts?

  3. Leaders are designers and Design Inquiry plays the central role in Leadership success?

  4. An in-depth and noble vision is crucial to Leadership?

  5. Vision is linked to the leader's passion to succeed against all odds?

  6. Much of the most commonly discussed wisdom on Leadership is insufficient and more anecdotal than substantial?

  7. Leadership is more about Human Activity  Systems Design than personality traits or human performance?

  8. The practice of Leadership requires an organizing framework to protect teams from counter-intuitive leadership thinking?

  9. Systems Thinking is the prerequisite to successful Leadership practice?

  10. More than 100 different Leadership perspectives exists and many of them contradict each other? 

When you understand how to apply the rich knowledge framing these questions, you will have finally begun to develop the potent framework for Leading by design. 

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Publication date:07/06/2006


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