Executive Life in the 21st Century

Part One: Leadership in the Age of Cyber Terror

One cannot adequately understand the craft of Leadership as the function of any number of psychological traits or the results of project-oriented behaviors in which the attainment of some goal defines one’s leadership quotient. Rather, leadership is a constantly evolving something that never reaches its horizon. It is forever an unfinished expression of the human heart to transcend the current substance and shape of the world.  As such, leadership, authentic leadership, forever remains incomplete and perennially unfolding. Authentic leadership is more about the wonder of evolutionary consciousness and the design of Human Activity Systems than it is about a single success or a collection of personality traits or any number of psychological descriptions.

This book breaks free from the well-traveled path of common thinking on the nature of leadership and leaders.  It carries the reader along a new journey that clarifies the wider leadership landscape and the broader method of redesigning this landscape again and again.  As we make this journey from common wisdom to evolutionary leadership we find that the authentic leader, those people who mastered the test of time, designed great human systems.

Whether the leader was Thomas Jefferson, Mohandas Gandhi, or other persons you personally know, they all designed highly effective Human Activity Systems, and they all exhibited a taste for evolutionary consciousness. This is monumental. They all had vastly different Intelligence Quotients, different psychological characteristics, and even different personality traits. Some leaders even failed to achieve their goals in their lifetimes. Nevertheless, their leadership consciousness survived them.

For those of you who know plenty about Leadership, and there is a lot to know, I caution that some of you are about to enter unfamiliar territory. As you progress through this book, from small chapter to small chapter, you will gain a fresh insight into the nature of Leadership.  Hopefully, you will develop a living systems perspective on what it means to be a leader. So sit back and enjoy the experience now presented to you. You are about to build a personal model of 21st Century Leadership. Enjoy the challenge. You will discover in these pages what you have probably suspected: Authentic Leadership is as rare as it is challenging.


This book constitutes an important work about 21st Century leadership practice. I cannot overstate the critical nature of Leadership and its impact on the economic health and success of your company in the coming years. If you wish to remain a serious participant in the evolving business climate, your time is long overdue for becoming comfortable with the 21st Century Leadership vision of Virtual Commerce, its mission, goals, and strategies. The ideas expressed in this book are already becoming second nature to executives wishing to lead their companies into the 21st Century as serious competitors.

This work examines the leadership environment of the 21st Century enterprise and examines how it may provide products and services inexpensively and efficiently to everybody while increasing profits. As an approach to working efficiently, business enterprise only now is adopting or refining a family of leadership strategies as best practices that enable Virtual Commerce, or simply VC. Trade experts expect VC to reduce prices to consumers by up to 11% or more in some industries in the near-future.

Copyright © June 26, 2019 Raymond L. Newkirk 

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