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How does The Newkirk Group differ from other virtual coaching and consulting companies?

Dynamic Content: Our evidence-based content dekicers enduring solutions through a sereies of co9ncise presentations designed to sharpen your focus and enhanced your skill and expertise using an interactive and productive knowledge recovery appraoch. Knowledge Recovery: Knowledge provides the capacity for taking effective action among a range of possible actions or making effective decisions in an organization context. Since lost knowledge decreases the capacity for effective action or decision making in a specific organization context. Our Pltform provides evidence-based solutions to sustain or regenerate a lost capability. Superior Methodology: Each Applied Intuitive Solution presentation concludes with hints for rapid application to reinforce the key concept of each solutions generated. Our evidence-based AIS use hints, examples, and Knowledge Recovery questions to further reinforce your assimilation of the solutions while enhancing your proficiency in applying the skills to build your expertise. Effiectiveness and Flexibility: Our dynamic content coaches you to apply your solution in real time while delivering a defined path for action to keep you on pace throughout the course of your career. Defining a path to the recovery of lost knowledge, out content defines the actions you need to take to solve your most presssing problems now. Personalized Coaching: Each registered member of our Platform requires personalized solutions and coaching strfategies specific to the immediate problem. Our learning programs complement our synamic AIS to ensure that no client ever has to genrate a unquie solution in isolationa dn without evidence.

Does The Newkirk Group (TNG) have the experience I need to rapidly enhance my skills adn expertise?

Founded by an internationally respected expert on Knowledge Recovery, TNG boasts a staff that collectively brings more that a century of experiencce and Knowledge-for-Action to our Platform. We have unified leading-edge Knowledge Recovery methods with cognitive problem-solving and learning strategies to provide the most effective AIS available anywhere in the world.

Does TNG have the solutions I need ro rapidly solve my most difficult coaching problems at the personal, team, and enterprise levels?

Yes. TNG deliivers a complete skills recovery environment in which expert solutions are unified with real-world problems that link directly to your situation. Our extensive Applied Intuitive SOlutions Repository focus your professional knowledge and problem solving skills on the immediate situation. Our AIS deliver corrective guidance, tips, and specific actions that we derived from experience in similar settings. As you begin to apply our AIS to your problems, you begin to gain insight about your overall level of coaching mastery and identify areas which require further work. In sum, TNG is both a skills development ernviromnment and Knowledge Recovery company designed to assist registered members in recovering the skills and expertise that solve a large range of problems at the individual, team, and enterprise level.

Can I access an individual AIS more than once?

Yes. Pause, stop, repeat any AIS as often as you need. Never worry about missing any AIS. It will be thre for you 24X7, always. Our solutions are enduring. They never become obsolete, and they work.

How will your online AIS deliver the personalized solutions I need for my coaching and management problems?

We designed our AIS environment to include social networking funcyionality by offering 24X& support through chat rooms, blogs, forums,a nd pod-casts. If your want your solution to endure, you have to realize that neither insight nor affect is sufficient. To resolve your problem in a reasonable time and have it endure, we designed our Knowledge-for-Action to provide a definite focus to the solution and connect the problems to the associated feelings, work experiences, and cognitive processes that impact performance.

Does TNG enable me to track my progress as I employ the Applied Intuitive Solutions?

The features of the AIS Repository create an environment for progress. You are the best judge of your progress in applying the correct AIS to your specific problem. Addressing the feedback that you receive from your organization, you forever remain in the best position to gauge your progress in solving the problems that daily challenge you and your colleagues.

Does TNG offer courses and books to supplement your SIA environment?

Yes. The Newkirk Group delivers both printed and fully searchable online versions of our learning content in multi-set editions. We also deliver seminars and seminar oulines in eReader format, compatible with several mobile devices.

Are the SIAs of TNG available anywhere and anytime?

Yes. Our Applied Intuitive Solutions are available to anyone anywhere on the globe and anytime 24X7 if they have access to the Internet. Wherever you are, we are there, but only if you have an Internet connection.

Does The Newkirk Group deliver a Coaxching Skills Certification Program?

Yes. Through TNG, we offer four levels of certification for people wishing to develop indepth their individual and team coaching expertise. All TNG coaching programs are certified by Systems Management Institute following the standards and guideline of the national Certification Councel of Performance Coaching.

When can I start assessing the Appliws Intuitive Solutions environment through The Newkirk Group?

Today. All you need to do is to become a resgistered member. Our Applied Intutive Solutions are available to premium members only.

How much does premium memberships cost?

From $69.95 to $3,995.00 monthly. TNG delivers a multi-tiered membership program offering a range of services and content backed by a comprehensive, career-accelerating, problem-solving environment with its innovative, on-dedmand Applied Intuitive Solutions knowledge recovery environment with its innovative on-demand SIA knowledge recovery environment.

Does the TNG publish new Applied Intuitive Solutions?

Yes. We regularly add new AIS to our Knowledge Recovery environment as we license them from the Systems Management Institute.

Can I use the AIS on-the-go?

Yes. Registered Mewmbers can access the Applied Intuitive Solutions and associated content on laptops and mobile devices. Registered Members can recover Lost Knowledge using our AIS anytime, anywhre using the available AIS Platform.

Does TNG publish its membership statistics?

Yes. Our professional Platform delives the same service that the giant networks deliver. You can form your own groups, link to other members, and collaborate on the development of new solutions.

What can I do if I use an AIS and do not succeed?

TNG Platform offers 100% accessibility. If you are unsuccessful finding a solution, just tell us and we will find one for you. We want you to acquire the skills and expertise you need to master your caeer through rapid problem-solving.

Can The Newkirk Group assist me with developing my own network or business opportunity?

Yes. TNG is a potent business portal through which Registered Members can establish thier own professional networks, publish and sell their own content, and contrinute their own solutions using our distribution channels.

How do I reserve my TNG Membership?

Register on this site. Long in your fee rate without making a long-term commitment. No money is due until you decide to becone a Premiumj Member and gain access to our AIS Portal.

Does TNG gain acces to new AIS on a scheduled basis?

Yes. We continually add new AIS to out Repository as ew use our proprietary system to derive them from out consulting deliverables.

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