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The 21st Century Crunch: You have sacrificed a lot to get where you are, often at the expense of your health, or even family and friends. Over the years you have forgotten about your priorities while you worked hard to build your career with the hope of enjoying life as a 21st Century success. Life in the competitive  ranks can be exhilarating and absorbing.  It can also be disappointing, empty, hollow, and addictive.  Remember Peggy Lee: "is that all there is?"  

Many at the pinnacle of lheir careers find that they lack focus, suffer from constant fatigue and the dire need of new found energy, and question their reservoir of personal power.  True you may argue that you are having fun, but you do this with the desperation of knowing that you really don't  know how to have fun any more.  You enjoy every advantage imaginable in prestige, position, education, and attainment, but find that life is more than dedication to hard work in search of power. As a modern leader, you are a person of power; your entire life revolves around it.  Intellectual power, physical power, leadership power, competitive power, your very being is imbued with it.  The drive to power impacts every part of your life: focus, concentration, discipline, health, and strength. But do you actually know how to describe power, find it, measure it, increase it, control it, and use it?  We are here to lead you past the disquieting experiences that can quickly turn your personal strength into weakness and leave you with nothing to hang on to during your most difficult challenges.


The Newkirk Group wants you to "Realize The Power".  We offer highly integrated virtual coaching and consulting programs in the soft skills to enable you to fine-tune your personal power.  Through our unique executive coaching process, we build new capabilities and refine critical teaming skills.

Olympic Weightlifting is power personified. It is the true definition of personal power.  We use the skills of Olympic Weightlifting to balance the pseudo-power of many leaders and the authentic power of truly potent individuals, the great leaders.

We deliver raoid skills development  for everyday success.  Our solutions enable you to rapidly overcome conflicts of personal dynamics to improve competence, reinforce confidence, and build authentic self-esteem.  We offer a successful history of battle forged experience to keep your dreams from becoming nightmares.

"We eliminate the gap between problems and their solutions."


Devoted exclusively to renewing your Personal Power. 

One of the most experienced Coaching & Consulting companies available today anywhere.

Backed by a team of experts in wide ranging disciplines.

Successfully assists individuals and  large and small companies. 

We move clients away from the maze of today's coaching fads and trends in management thinking.  We offer realistic strategies that develop the attributes of personal power.  We enable clients to sharpen focus as they master the responsive soft skills that make professional success more likely. We transform the leadership behavior that exhausts managers and their teams.   

Our virtual programs carry clients from weakness to strength, from strength to agility, and ultimately from newly invigorated focus to personal power.  Realistically, your personal power will never emerge unless you dedicate your energies to attaining it.  Our Applied Intutive Solutionss™ enable you to do this with measurable results. 

Broken spirits, hidden struggles, high personal costs, corrupted plans, unforeseen circumstances, burnout, lack of self-maintenance skills, under conceptualized thinking, counter-intuitive behaviors, relationship failures, misunderstanding of the competitive environment, lack of competitive experience, failure to adapt to health challenges, insufficiently developed thinking, and missing attributes of authentic personal power characterize the 21st Century workplace experience.  Master our Applied Intutive Solutions™ to learn how to avoid these 21st Century rites of passage.


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